Documentary History of American Water-works

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New England States Connecticut Canterbury

Canterbury, Connecticut

Canterbury was incorporated in 1703. 

The Canterbury Aqueduct Company was incorporated in 1843 by Andrew T. Judson, Isaac Knight, Job Angel and Joseph Palmer "for the purpose of conducting into the village of Canterbury, by means of subterraneous
pipes, water, for the use, convenience and safety of said corporators."  The company leased a spring to use as a water supply and built a system, but a dispute over ownership of the land on which the well was built was settled adversely to the company in 1853, and it is not known if they continued operating after that time.

There is no public water supply in Canterbury.

1843 Incorporating the Canterbury Aqueduct Company.  1843.

1845 Confirming acts of the Canterbury Aqueduct Company.  1845.

1853 The Canterbury Aqueduct Company vs. Ensworth, 22 Conn 608, July term 1853, Supreme Court of Errors of the State of Connecticut

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