Documentary History of American Water-works

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New England States Connecticut Centreville

Centreville, Connecticut

Centreville (or Centerville) is a former village in the town of Hamden

The Centreville Water Company was incorporated in 1864 by Charles William Everest, George W. Bradley, John T. Henry, and John Osborn "for the purpose of supplying the village of Centreville, in the town of Hamden, with an abundant supply of pure water for public and domestic use."  Everest was a local minister and Osborn was the engineer for the Fair Haven Water Company.  The Centreville company did not build anything.

The New Haven Water Company was authorized to supply water to the town of Hamden in 1905, but it is not known when they actually did so.

Water service in New Haven is provided by the South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority, which was formed in 1977 and acquired the New Haven Water Company in 1980.

1864 Incorporating the Centreville Water Company.  July 9, 1864.

1865 Amending the charter of the Centreville Water Company.  July 21, 1865.

1888 History of the Town of Hamden, Connecticut: With an Account of the Centennial Celebration, June 15th, 1886, by William Phipps Blake
Page 104:  In 1864 a charter for water works for Centerville was obtained by the late C. W. Everest.

1892 New Haven, Connecticut USGS quandrangle map.  Shows Centerville, north of the City of New Haven.

1892 History of New Haven County, Connecticut, Volume 1, edited by John L. Rockey
Page 322:  At Centerville the grounds of the Rectory school have been improved to a park like appearance, and are used by the patrons of that institution.  In 1864 the proprietor, Reverend Charles W. Everest, also obtained a charter for water works, but they were not constructed after that plan.

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