Documentary History of American Water-works

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Norwalk, Connecticut

Norwalk was incorporated as a town in 1651, as a borough in  1836, and as a city in 1893.  The Borough of Norwalk became the First Taxing District in 1913 when the City of Norwalk was created by the consolidation of several towns and boroughs.

The Norwalk Water Company was incorporated in 1862 by William C. Street, Chester N. Case, George R. Cowles, John A.' Moorhead, A. H. Byington, O. S. Ferry, and Charles C. Betts "for the purpose of supplying the villages of the town of Norwalk with pure water for public and private use."  This company did not build anything.

The borough of Norwalk was authorized to build water works in 1870, and built a gravity system that began service in July, 1872 using cement-lined cast-iron pipes.

The City and Town of Norwalk were consolidated in 1913 and the water system was taken over by the First Taxing District of the City of Norwalk.

Water is provided by the First Taxing District of the City of Norwalk, which also provides water to the Third, Fourth and Fifth Taxing Districts.

1862 Incorporating the Norwalk Water Company.  June 13, 1862.

1866 Amending the charter of the Norwalk Water Company.  June 20, 1866.

1867 Constitution (Middletown, Connecticut), January 23, 1867, Page 2.
It is proposed to raise money for the Norwalk water works by a grand prize concert, 100,000 tickets to be sold at $1 each.

1870 An act to provide a supply of pure and wholesome water to the borough of Norwalk.  July 15, 1870.

1872 Stamford Advocate, July 5, 1872, Page 2.
The programme for the Fourth of July celebration in Norwalk.  In the evening there will be a grand display of fireworks, closing with an original piece in commemoration of the introduction of water into Norwalk borough, displaying in varied and brilliant colors the figure of a spread eagle, and the lettering, "1872–Norwalk Water Works."

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1913 An act consolidating the Town of Norwalk with the Cities of Norwalk and South Norwalk and the East Norwalk Fire District, and incorporating the City of Norwalk.  June 6, 1913.
Sec. 11. All electors of this state dwelling within the territorial limits of the first taxing district are hereby constituted a body politic and corporate by the name of the First Taxing District of the City of Norwalk, and by that name shall be capable of suing and being sued, pleading and being impleaded, purchasing, holding, selling, and
conveying any estate, real or personal, and of having a common seal, and as such corporation shall succeed to and possess all the property, both real and personal, of the city of Norwalk and all the rights, powers, franchises, privileges, and immunities heretofore· granted to the city of Norwalk and the water commissioners of said city in relation to the taking of water, the construction, maintenance, and operation of water-works, and supplying water for the use of said city of Norwalk, and the inhabitants thereof, and any other persons or corporations, and all property, rights, and interests heretofore acquired by said city of Norwalk, or the water commissioners of said city, for the
purpose of supplying water as aforesaid, and the same are hereby vested and confirmed in said first taxing district. Said first taxing district is hereby authorized to manage, operate, and control said water system, with the same authority, rights, and liabilities, and in the same manner as said former city of Norwalk, and, except as herein
otherwise provided. to care for, maintain, and keep in repair all estate, both real and personal, which said district may acquire, to sell and convey any of said property, any property held by said former city in trust excepted, and apply the proceeds to the reduction of the indebtedness of said district.

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