Documentary History of American Water-works

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Grafton, Massachusetts

Grafton was settled in 1718 and incorporated in 1735.

The Grafton Aqueduct Company was incorporated in 1845 by Lovel Baker, Samuel Wood and Lovel Stow "for the purpose of maintaining an aqueduct as now constructed , or for the purpose of constructing and maintaining a larger one, if necessary, to conduct water from the springs situated on land of Dennis Warren in Grafton, in the county of Worcester, to the several houses and other buildings of the several individuals composing said corporation, and to other places in the Centre Village in said Grafton."  It is not known when this system was built, but it was operating as late as 1910 when it ran out of water.

The Hassanamisco Water Company was incorporated in 1886 by Solon F. Smith, Herbert F. Keith, Daniel N. Gibbs, Herbert F. Allen, George W. Fisher, James Boyle and Joseph A. Dodge for the purpose of supplying the inhabitants of the town of Grafton with water for the extinguishment of fires, and for domestic and other purposes.  The name of the company was changed the following year to the Grafton Water Company.  This company built a system that used a Worthington engine to pump water into a standpipe.  The company's mortgage was foreclosed in 1903 and it came under control of Atlantic Public Utilities, and was later acquired by the Massachusetts Water Works in 1978, which became Massachusetts-American Water.

The Grafton Water District was established in 1984 and acquired the water system in Grafton in February, 1988.

Water is provided by the Grafton Water District.

Three manufacturing companies in South Grafton also provided public water supplies:  Fisher Manufacturing in 1881; Saunders Cotton Mills in 1890; and Wuskanut Worsted in 1943.  These three companies were acquired in 1952 by the South Grafton Water District, which was formed in 1948.

1845 An act to incorporate the Grafton Aqueduct Company.  March 15, 1845.

1886 An act to incorporate the Hassanamisco Water Company.  May 14, 1886.

1887 An act to amend an act to incorporate the Hassanamisco Water Company.  March 18, 1887.  Name changed to The Grafton Water Company.

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1889 An act to amend an act to incorporate the Grafton Water Company.  May 9, 1889.

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1900 An act to authorize the Grafton Water Company to increase its capital stock.  March 23, 1900.

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1948 An act establishing the South Grafton Water District in the Town of Grafton.  June 4, 1948.

1984 An act authorizing the establishment of the Grafton Water District.  July 3, 1984.

Map of Grafton Water District and South Grafton Water District.

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