Documentary History of American Water-works

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Paris, Maine

Paris was incorporated in 1793.

The South Paris Aqueduct Company was incorporated in 1839 by Eleazer Dunham, Anthony Bennett, David Jordan, Cornelius B. Knight, Benjamin Dale, Charles Dale, James Dearing, Jairus S. Cummings, Benjamin B. Sturtevant, William Gallison, Joseph Cummings Jr., and Elias Stowell" for the purpose of bringing water into South Paris village."

The Paris Hill Water Company was incorporated in 1899 and built a system serving the Paris Hill portion of the Town of Paris.

The Norway Water Company was incorporated in 1885 to serve the village of Norway, and by 1904 had expanded to serve the village of South Paris.  The South Paris Village Corporation bought their part of the water system in 1909.

The Paris Utility District was formed in 1967.

Water is provided by the Paris Utility District.

1839 An act to incorporate the South Paris Aqueduct Company.  March 23, 1839.

1885 An act to supply the people of Norway Village Corporation and vicinity with pure water.  January 31, 1885.

1904 "Norway Water Company," Portland Board of Trade Journal 17(6):298 (October, 1904)

1906 The Paris Register, 1906, by Harry Edward Mitchel and B. V. Davis.
Page  61:  Paris Hill is provided with a perfect water system. The water which supplies the entire village, comes from springs situated on a hill nearly 200 feet above Paris Hill and about 2 miles from the village. The system was installed four years ago by the Paris Hill Water Co. Analyzed by experts, this water has been pronounced the purest in the state.
Page 62:   The South Paris water system is connected with Norway.   

1909 Public Supplies. South Paris. "Underground Waters of Southern Maine," by Frederick G. Clapp, USGS Water Supply Paper 223, Page 185.

1967 An act creating the Paris Utility District.  April 3, 1967.

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