Documentary History of American Water-works

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New England States Maine Vassalboro

Vassalboro, Maine

The Town of Vassalboro was first settled int 1760 and incorporated in 1771.  Getchell's Corner was an unincorporated village in the town and was later known as Vassalboro or Vassalboro Corners.

The Getchell's Corner Pure Water Association was incorporated in 1859 by Samuel Gibson, William Belmore, and A. J. Getchell "to construct and keep in repair an aqueduct by the side of the highway leading from the spring at the foot of the hill on the Pond road so called, and to carry said aqueduct to any part or point at said corner that the company may choose, and the said corporation may tax individuals may tax for such reasonable sums for water furnished them at their dwellings by said company, as they may deem proper."  A. J. Getchell may have been Abail John Getchell. No evidence has been found that this company built a system.

Water service in the town of Vassalboro is provided by the Kennebec Water District, but it is not known if they serve the village of Vassalboro itself or when that service began.

1859 An act for furnishing pure fresh water at Getchell's corner.  April 4, 1859.

1892 Illustrated history of Kennebec County, Maine; 1625-1799-1892, edited by Henry D. Kingsbury and Simeon L.  Deyo
Page 1101.  Town of Vassalboro. Villages Vassalboro. The early coming and the business prominence of John Getchell, sen., gave the name of Getchell's Corners, to the post hamlet now known as Vassalboro, sometimes called Vassalboro Corners.

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