Documentary History of American Water-works

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Northwestern States
Nebraska Nemaha

Nemaha, Nebraska

Nemaha was incorporated as a village in 1856.

The Nemaha city hydraulic company was incorporated in 1861 by Ruel Noyes, Alexander D. Skeen and Josiah Chambers "for the supplying the same with water from all the springs west and north of said city, and shall have full power and authority to use said water for all manufacturing purposes, and to lay pipes for the purpose of conducting the Water in any street, avenue or alley of said city."

The village of Nemaha built a water system, but the date is not known.

The water system is operated by the City of Auburn. PWS # NE3112706

1861 An act to incorporate the Nemaha city hydraulic company in Nemaha county.  January 11, 1861.

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