Documentary History of American Water-works

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Nevada Pioche

Pioche, Nevada

Pioche was settled in 1864.

The Floral Springs Water Company and Pioche Water Companies built gravity water systems in 1872.

The Pioche Water Company was sold to the Floral Springs Water Company in 1872, which assumed the Pioche name..

The Pioche Water Company was merged into the Amalgamated Pioche Mines & Smelters corporation, in 1911, and the water system was declared a public menace and seized by the county in 1948.

Water is supplied by Pioche Public Utilities.

1872 "Notice," The Pioche Record, October 1, 1872, Page 2.
General P. E. Connor has sold the Pioche Water Works to the Floral Spring Water Company, which Company will take possession of the same on the first day of October, 18872.  All persons indebted to the Pioche Water Works will please call at the office, in house formerly occupied by John Cahill, Esq., and liquidate; and persons having claims against said works will present them at the office, where they will be promptly paid.  P. L. Schoaff, Superintendent, Pioche Water Works.  September 29, 1872.

1872 "Floral Springs Water Company," The Pioche Record, October 2, 1872, Page 2.
Rates for water commencing October 1, 1872.

1873 "Water! Water!," The Pioche Record, November 30, 1873, Page 3.
The Pioche Water Company on Friday last struck a fine stream of water.
On Monday last, the Pioche Water Company filed a certificate of incorporation.

1882 Pioche, Engineering News 9:100 (March 25, 1882)

1882 Pioche, from "The Water-Supply of Certain Cities and Towns of the United States," by Walter G. Elliot, C. E., Ph. D.

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1908 "No Bids Received for Water System," The Pioche Record, May 16, 1908, Page 2.

1911 "Deal Closed Tuesday," The Pioche Record, July 22, 1911, Page 1
Pioche Water Company merged into Amalgamated Pioche Mines & Smelters corporation.

1948 "Pioche Water Supply said Public Menace," Reno-Gazette Journal, May 7, 1948, Page 8.
Receiver appointed to take over control of a certain water supply on petition of the Pioche board of commissioners.
The defendant in the case in the Amalgamated Pioche Mines and Smelter Corporation, which claims the water.
District Judge Harry Watson decided against the corporation, ruling that the water supply of Pioche is contaminated, a menace to public health and a fire hazard.

1972 Nevada Rural Communities Water & Waste Water Plan
The water system is owned and maintained by the community under the name of Pioche Public Utilities . The Pioche water system was purchased from Amalgamated Mining for $20,000 with the stipulation that any improvements become the

1990 Glory hunter: a biography of Patrick Edward Connor, by Brigham D. Madse
Page 200:  In Pioche, Connor was not active in adding to his mine holdings but did pursue his successful Pioche Water Works. In June he shipped eleven tons of gas pipe to the town as ducts for the water system and apparently improved the works in other ways. They produced a good financial return as proved by a sample of payments by the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners. The board records disclose that from June 3 to November 13, the county paid Connor $688.90 for water delivered and that was just one of many customers. By the time two tanks of 35,000-gallon capacity were installed, Connor had already recovered over one-third the cost of building the system. He sold most of the water from carts but was hurrying to lay pipes through the principal streets.  A month later, by September 29, he received an offer he couldn't refuse-a rival concern, the Floral Springs Water Company, paid him $50,000 in coin for his entire Pioche Water Works.

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