Documentary History of American Water-works

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Pacific States
Nevada Tuscarora

Tuscarora, Nevada

Tuscarora was founded in 1867.

The first water works were built by Frank Culver in 1877.

The Tuscarora Water Company was incorporated in California in 1888 and built a 12-miles pipeline to deliver water, designed by Hermann Schussler.

The water system was bought by the Tuscarora-Nevada Mines Company around 1907 and the water company was dissolved.

The mines company was sold by a  receiver in 1918 and the water works went through a series of owners before Elko County formed the Tuscarora Water District around 1980.

Elko County has since taken over the system from the water district.

Water is provided by Elko County.

1877 Territorial Enterprise (Virginia City, Nevada), December 23, 1877, Page 2.
Tuscarora has been supplied with an abundance of pure, cold spring water, by the new Tuscarora Water Company.  The water is brought from a spring, and the Review says the citizens not only have plenty of good water but property is secure from destruction by fire.

1878 Gold Hill Daily News, July 13, 1878, Page 3.
The Tuscarora Water Company has about finished laying the main water pipe through West Ward street to the fast freight depot.  People on that side of the town can always be supplied with abundance of pure mountain water.

1884 Elko Weekly Independent, August 26, 1884, Page 5.
Frank Culver, proprietor of the Tuscarora Water Works, left here this morning for the East, to visit the place of his nativity, Louisville, Ky., where he first saw the light of day in 1816. He left that city October 4, 1852, crossing the plains to California, and during all the intervening years has never reached a point nearer sunrise than Halleck Station.

1886 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from Tuscarora, Elko County, Nevada. October 1886

1888 Elko Daily, August 25 1888
Five miles of the pipeline ditch of the Tuscarora Water Company from its head towards town is now completed. A portion of the force will be brought into town this evening to do all the practicable work at that end until the pipe arrives, which will be sometime next week, when its laying will commence. The water famine in Tuscarora will soon be over.

1888 Elko Daily, September 19, 1888
The Tuscarora Water Company has purchased the old water works of Frank Culver, at Tuscarora, thus securing the control of all the water in that section.

1888 Elko Daily Independent, September 26, 1888, Page 4.
Frank Culver has sold his water works at Tuscarora to the Tuscarora Water Company.

1888 "Tuscarora," from Manual of American Water Works, Volume 1.

1890 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from Tuscarora, Elko County, Nevada. October 1890

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1913 Report of the Nevada Secretary of State
Page 6:  Foreign Incorporations.  Tuscarora Water Company, California, May 24, 1889

1965 "Tuscarora Gets New Water Line," Nevada State Journal, October 6, 1985, Page 2.
Owned by Roy Roseberry.

1975 "Feisty and Tough: At 83, Nona Trenbath Runs the 20-customer Tuscarora Water Co.," Nevada State Journal, October 12, 1975, Page 15.

1978 "Leaky Old Tuscarora Water System Being Replaced," Nevada State Journal, August 28, 1978, Page 19.
The project will serve 24 residential and two commercial customers.

1980 "Loan Granted Tuscarora Water Project," Reno Gazette-Journal, June 27, 1980, Page 27.
County commissioners created a water district for the old mining town to replace an antiquated water system that goes back to its original mining days.

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