Documentary History of American Water-works

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Burlington Flats, New York

Burlington Flats is a hamlet in the Town of Burlington which was formed in 1792.

The Burlington Flatts Aqueduct Association was incorporated in 1837 by Billings Brown, Chauncey Hopkins, Leonard Colburn, Benjamin Kenyon, and Ambrose Hulbert "for the purpose of supplying their dwellings with water." 

The Burlington Historical Society states that the association constructed an aqueduct of lead pipes that some 274 rods in length (about 4,500 feet).  No other information has been found about this system.

The Town of Burlington currently has no public water supply systems. 

1837 An act to incorporate the Burlington Flatts Aqueduct Association.  May 11, 1837.

2016 Burlington NY Historical Society, February 7, 2016
In 1837 Billings Brown, Ambrose Hulbert, Leonard Colburn, Benjamin Kenyon and Chauncey Hopkins & associates formed the Burlington Flatts Aqueduct Asociation to supply dwellings in Burlington Flatts with "pure and wholesome water". They constructed an aqueduct which water was conducted some 274 rods in lead pipes. This was amid epidemics of typhoid that had taken many lives in the area.

2015 Morris A. Pierce