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Lee Center, New York

Lee Center is an unincorporated village in the Town of Lee, Oneida County.

The Lee Center Spring Water Company was formed in 1869 to supply Lee Center and was incorporated in 1896.  The Town of Lee formed a water district that began supply Lee Center in July 1970 and the water company was discontinued.

Water is currently provided by the City of Rome and distributed by the Town of Lee Water District

1896 Engineering News Supplement 35:184 (June 4, 1896)
Lee Center, N. Y. - The Lee Center Spring Water Co. has been incorporated with a capital stock of $2,000 by Oatas Hall, Carl Simmons, H. C. Hitchcock and others.

2000 Village of Lee Center
On November 25, 1869, Reuben R. Richmond sold a parcel of property to the Lee Center Spring Water Company for $30.00. This parcel of land was known as the Star Spring and was located off Sloan Road. From this spring the water was piped along Main Street providing water to the residents. In 1869 John G. Webster was Chairman and H. J. Hitchcock was Secretary of the Lee Center Spring Water Company. Local residents purchased stock in the company and were required to maintain the line into their house. On June 4, 1896 the Lee Center Spring Water Company was incorporated and continued to supply water to the village. At this time Henry Stokes was President and Carl Simon Secretary. In the 1960s the town began receiving water from the city of Rome.

1897 "Lee Center," from Manual of American Water Works, Volume 4.

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