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Waverly, New York

Waverly was incorporated as a village in 1854.

The Waverly Water Company was incorporated July 1, 1880 with a capital of $20,000 and built a gravity system that began service in December, 1880.  The company also served the Borough of South Waverly, Pennsylvania through the South Waverly Water Company, which leased their distribution system to the New York firm.

The village bought the water company on May 1, 1912 for $238,000

Water is provided by the Village of Waverly.

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Page 355:  The Waverly Water company was incorporated in 1880, by J. T. Sawyer, S. W. Slaughter and J. B. Floyd, who were, in the order named, chosen president, vice-president, and secretary, the president also holding the position of treasurer. The work of construction was done during the year 1880, and now the company has ten miles of main pipe, about 600 taps, and 46 fire hydrants.  As a result of this enterprise Waverly has an abundant supply of good wholesome water for all domestic purposes, and the village has fire protection as good as is found in the southern tier. The total reservoir capacity is 130,000,000 gallons of water. The company are J. T. Sawyer, president and treasurer; Wm. E. Johnson, vice-president, and J. B. Floyd, secretary.

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Tomorrow Waverly will decide, by a vote of her electors, whether or not the village shall acquire, by purchase, the waterworks system now owned by the Waverly Water Company.

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By a majority of 137 the taxpayers of Waverly have voted in favor of the proposition to purchase the Waverly Water Works, at a cost not to exceed $125,000.

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Page 1273:  Typhoid Fever at Athens, Sayre, and South Waverly
Waverly village in New York State and South Waverly Borough in Pennsylvania are served by the Waverly Water Company, obtaining its supply from a small surface stream about a mile and a quarter northwest of Waverly village.
The supply for South Waverly is furnished by the Waverly Water Company, a New York State Corporation, through the distribution system of the South .Waverly Water Company, incorporated in the State of Pennsylvania, April 18, 1881. Subsequent to this date, after the distribution mains had been laid they were leased to the Waverly Water Company and the South Waverly supply is furnished by the Waverly Water Company at the New York-Pennsylvania State line. A connection is also had between the distribution system of the South Waverly Water Company and the water works system of the Sayre Water Company for emergency purposes. It does not appear that recourse has ever been had to this latter source of supply. South Waverly has no independent supply.
The source of supply for the Waverly Water Company is a small stream known as Dry Brook. This stream rises in Barton Town, two and one-half miles north of Waverly Village. The water company has dammed Dry Brook at a point in the town one and one-quarter miles northwest of Waverly Village. Two earth dams with concrete core walls are erected at this point forming an upper and a lower reservoir above which Dry Brook has a watershed area of 1,292 acres. The upper and lower reservoirs hold 90,000,000 and 30,000,000 gallons of water respectively and have maximum depths of 25 feet and 47 feet respectively. The upper reservoir is used for storage purposes only and the water from this basin is drawn off to the lower reservoirs through a 14 inch connecting pipe passing through the embankment. The lower reservoir constitutes the distributing reservoir and from it the 12 inch gravity supply main extends into Waverly village where it connects with the distribution system which extends over into South Waverly Borough. This supply is used quite generally in both municipalities. In South Waverly the daily consumption is said to amount to 104,000 gallons of which amount 30.000 gallons are used for domestic purposes, the balance being supplied to the Lackawanna Railroad.

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Value of Waverly Water Works Appraised - Commissioners will divulge nothing until $5,068 is forthcoming.

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This morning Trustees paid Water Company $238,000 in Cash and took possession of system.

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