Documentary History of American Water-works

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North Central States
Ohio Waynesburg

Waynesburg, Ohio

Waynesburg was platted as Waynesburgh in 1814 and the name was changed to Waynesburg in 1893.

The Waynesburg Water Company built a small gravity system in 1857. 

The village issued $10,000 in bonds to build a system that began service in July, 1905..

Water is supplied by the Village of Waynesburg. (PWS ID # 7605712)

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1899 Fire and Water 26:254-X (August 5, 1899)
Waynesburg, Pa. - A syndicate of oil operators has purchased the Waynesburg water works, and will greatly improve the plant by the construction of a reservoir, the purchase of machinery, etc.  T. Rose, C. H. Bowlby, and J. B. F. Rinehart, are interested.

1900 Third Report of an Investigation of The Rivers of Ohio as sources of public water supplies, by the Ohio State Board of Health.  Reprinted from the Fourteenth Annual Report of the Ohio State Board of Health.
Pages 258-259:  Waynesburg - Population 500.  The public water supply was put in by a private company, "The Waynesburg Water Company," in 1857, and has cost to date $1,300.  The water is obtained by impounding the run-off of two springs located in the upper part of the village and supplying the same to mains by gravity.  The water is obtained by impounding the run-off of two springs located in the upper part of the village and supplying the same to mains by gravity. The reservoir consists of a basin 16 by 33 feet and five feet deep, built of brick and covered with a board roof. It has a capacity of about 16,000 gallons and is located at such a height as to give an average pressure of about 20 pounds. The springs emerge from the side of a hill, which is used as a pasture. One of the springs comes from an abandoned coal bank. There are 0.46 miles of mains in, giving 50 per cent. of the people access to the water. There are 36 services in, all of which are in use and none metered. It was impossible to even estimate the average daily consumption.

1904 Banker's Monthly 27(6):510 (June 1904)
Waynesburg, Ohio - Bonds to the amount of $12,000 will be issued for waterworks purposes.

1904 Commercial and Financial Chronicle 79:232 (July 16, 1904)
Waynesburg, Ohio - Bonds sale. - On July 12 the $10,000 water bonds described in V. 78, Page 2405, were awarded to Denison, Prior & Co. of Cleveland and Boston.

1929 "Waynesburg Water is Best in Ohio; Once Was Worst," Repository (Canton, Ohio), November 3, 1929, Page 40.

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The Waynesburg water system is about 80 years old - the second oldest in Ohio - and serves approximately 450 homes, representing approximately 1,500 persons including a school with 363 pupils.

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