Documentary History of American Water-works

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Middle Atlantic States Pennsylvania  Kingston

Kingston, Pennsylvania

Kingston was first settled in 1771 and incorporated as a borough in Luzerne County in 1857.

The Kingston Water Company was incorporated in 1841 by its "present members," William C. Reynolds, Elias Hoyt, Thomas Myers, Bester Payne, Reuben Jones and A. C. Church "for the purpose of supplying the inhabitants of the village of Kingston with water."  The "present members" language in the charter is used where a company already exists, and it is likely (though not certain) that they had construction a system before petitioning for a charter.

Another Kingston Water Company was incorporated on May 16, 1883 and built a gravity system.  This company was acquired by the Spring Brook Water Company sometime before November, 1889.

The Mountain Brook Water Company was incorporated March 6, 1889.  This company was also acquired by the Spring Brook Water Company, but no other information has been found.

The above companies came under the control of the Spring Brook Water Supply Company in 1896.  See Wilkes-Barre for more information about this company, which controlled all of the water companies in the Wyoming Valley.

Water service is provided by Pennsylvania American Water.

1841 An act to incorporate the Kingston Water Company.  May 5, 1841.

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The Kingston Water Company is laying its pipes and getting ready to give the people of the borough a goodly supply of aqua pura.

1887 Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, February 9, 1887, Page 4.
The Kingston Water Companies uniting.  The Coon works has been absorbed by the Kingston Company and others are willing to be.

1888 The Union Leader, December 14, 1888, Page 2.
The Kingston Water Company, whose system is at present under lease to A. H. Coon, is extending is pipes through several streets and will assume control on the 1st of April, when the lease expires.

1890 The Wilkes-Barre News, June 10, 1890, Page 1.
Sale of Kingston Water Company.  It was reported on the streets yesterday the Spring Brook Water Company has purchased the shares of stock of the Kingston Water Company, that having been Senator Watres' business in Kingston Friday.
The officers of the Kingston company could not be seen last evening, but it is safe to assume that the sale is as well as amde, if, indeed the money has not been passed over.  Hon. Daniel Edwards controls the Kingston company. - Kingston Times.

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