Documentary History of American Water-works

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South Atlantic States
Virginia Mount Crawford

Mount Crawford, Virginia

Mount Crawford was first settled in the 1720s.

The Mount Crawford Water Company was incorporated in 1835 by Edward Stevens, William Fisher, Sr., Michael H. Harris, John Smith, Matthew Miller, John Shepler, James Gilkisson, Pleasant A. Clarke, Joseph Hoffman, Isaac Fisher, William Bickerton, and Mary Bickerton.  They had represented to the general assembly "that the inhabitants of said town having experienced great inconvenience in consequence of there being no water immediately therein, and that sundry inhabitants thereof have united for the purpose of obtaining a supply of water, and in order to execute their purpose with greater facility, and more certainty, desire to be invested with some of the attributes of a corporate body."  This company built (or had already built) a system to serve the community.  The original charter was for twenty years, and in 1856 the company was re-chartered for another twenty years. No further information about this company have been found.

A 1963 reference mentions a potential water supply for the town of Mount Crawford, and at some point it was connected to the Rockingham County water system.

Water is currently provided by Rockingham County's Three Springs water system.

1835 An act to incorporate the Mount Crawford water company, in the county of Rockingham.  January 12, 1835.

1855 An act to recharter the Mount Crawford water company.  December 21, 1855.

1912 A History of Rockingham County, Virginia, by John Walter Wayland
Pages 200-201:  In 1835 an Act of Assembly was passed incorporating the Mt. Crawford Water Company.

1963 Potomac River Basin Report, Volume 5.  (February 1963)
Page 319: Three Rivers Area - North River System
Bridgewater, Virginia
The source of water for municipal use at Bridgewater is Warm Spring located one mile south of town. The firm yield of the spring is 350,000 gpd and requires treatment for hardness reduction. More than 2,000 persons, including Bridgewater College and several small industries and commercial establishments, are served by this supply. About one-half of the firm yield of the spring is pumped during maximum use periods.
The town has purchased a site for a filtration plant on the North River. Construction of the plant is expected to take Place sometime before 1970. Upon completion of the filtration plant, the existing spring and reservoir facilities will be abandoned with the possibility that the neighboring town of Mount Crawford will utilize this water supply source.

2011 Upper Shenandoah Valley Water Supply Plan  (August 2011)
Page 3-10: Note - With respect to Mt. Crawford -  Water comes from the Three Springs System.  There is no master meter serving this system.

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