Documentary History of American Water-works

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New England States Vermont Hyde Park

Hyde Park, Vermont

Hyde Park was settled in 1790 and chartered as a village in 1895.

The first water works in Hyde Park was built in 1850 using lead pipes to distribute water from a spring.  The system was designed by "S. Niles," which is probably Salmon Niles of Morristown.

An 1897 references states that "Works were originally built about 75 years ago and incorporated as the Hyde Park Water Co. about 1860," but this has not been confirmed by any other source.

The Hydepark Water Company was incorporated in 1859 "for the purpose of constructing and maintaining an aqueduct to supply the inhabitants of the village of Hydepark in the county of Lamoille with pure water."

After a devastating fire on April 17,  1910 in which the water works did not perform well, the Village of Hyde Park bought the Hyde Park Water Company in December, 1910 for $3,000.

Water is supplied by the Village of Hyde Park.  

North Hyde Park is provided with water by the Hyde Park Fire District #1, which was formed in 1958.  

1859 An act to incorporate the Hydepark Water Company.  November 21, 1859.

1872 Lamoille Newsdealer, June 5, 1872, Page 3.
The village water-works were frozen badly during the past winter, and the superintendent Sam'l Wiswell, Esq. is being put to a great deal of trouble to give our temperate inhabitants a supply of water.  Some of the pipe, (lead), are found to be badly corroded.  The hope they will be replaced with a more healthy conductor, and in this connection would suggest Moulton's tubing.

1882 Morrisville News and Citizen, August 3, 1882, Page 3.
The Hyde Park Water Co. are making improvements in the way of putting in new pipe, repairing, etc.

1882 Hyde Park, from Engineering News 9:428 (December 16, 1882)

1883 Gazetteer and Business Directory of Lamoille and Orleans Counties, Vt., for 1883-84
Page 645:  Pumps and Pump Logs. Niles Salmon (pump logs) Morrisville

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1910 The Burlington Free Press, October 11, 1910, Page 8.
Hyde Park.  There will be a special village meeting next Friday evening to take action on purchasing the Hyde Park water works.

1910 The Burlington Free Press, December 3, 1910, Page 12.
Hyde Park.  The village has bought the water works belonging to the Hyde Park Water company, paying $3,000.

1914 New England Families, Genealogical and Memorial: A Record of the Achievements of Her People in the Making of Commonwealths and the Founding of a Nation, Volume 4, by William Richard Cutter
Page 2010:  Salmon Niles was born at Coventry, May 15, 1812 and died at Morrisville, Vermont, January 1, 1885. At the age of eighteen he located in Hyde Park, Vermont, and in 1840 removed to Morrisville.  He following farming and the manufacturing of hollow logs to be used for aqueducts -- the boring of the logs was an art in which he was a pioneer.

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