Documentary History of American Water-works

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North Central States
Wisconsin Viroqua

Viroqua, Wisconsin

Viroqua was originally named Farwell and renamed Viroqua in 1854.  It was incorporated as a village in 1857 and as a city in 1885.

The Viroqua Hydraulic Company was incorporated in 1855 with Henry Nichols, William F. Terhune, Moses Decker, Henry G. Weeden, E. W. Tucker, J. W. Schooley, George F. Haswell, John Gardner, George Pratt, T. H. Crawford, L. L. Radcliffe and Herman Greve appointed as commissioners to sell stock.  The company was given the exclusive right of building water works in the village of Viroqua.

The city of Viroqua built water works in 1897.  Painting of 1897 standpipe.

Water is provided by the City of Viroqua.

1855 An act to incorporate the Viroqua Hydraulic Company.  March 3, 1855.

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Picture of construction of new 127-foot Viroqua water tower.  The golfball type tower will contain 250,000 gallons.

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