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Middle Atlantic States
New Jersey Phillipsburg

Phillipsburg, New Jersey

Phillipsburg was incorporated as a town in 1861.

The Phillipsburgh Water Company was incorporated in 1857 by Benjamin T. Harris, Henry Seagraves, Charles Sitgreaves, John S. Bach, Samuel C. Brown, Henry Bowers, John Tindall, John Lander, Alexander Wilson, Joseph C. Kent, and Herbert Thomas "to supply the town of Phillipsburgh with water, in quantities sufficient for all the purposes which may conduce to the safety of the town, and to the health and comfort of the citizens."  This company did not build anything.

The Lehigh Water Company of Easton, Pennsylvania, was authorized to supply water to the village of Phillipsburgh in 1861, and began service shortly thereafter.  This company was supplying seven customers in Phillipsburg in 1913.

The Peoples Water Company of Phillipsburg was incorporated on July 9, 1885 and built a system that pumped water from a well into an elevated reservoir.

The Peoples Water Company merged with Consumers Water Company in 1969 to create the the Garden State Water Company. In 1995, after having acquired several other local water companies, Garden State changed its name to Consumers New Jersey Water Company, which in 1999 merged with the Philadelphia Suburban Corporation.  In January 2004, it changed its name of its New Jersey properties to Aqua New Jersey.

A group has rebuilt the 1913 Allis Triple Expansion pumping engine which is now operating. 

Water is provided by Aqua New Jersey.

1857 An act to incorporate the Phillipsburgh Water Company.  March 16, 1857.

1861 An act to authorize the Lehigh Water Company, of Easton, Pennsylvania, to supply the inhabitants of the village of Phillipsburgh and its vicinity, in the county of Warren, with water.  March 8, 1861.

1863 A supplement to the act entitled "An act to authorize the Lehigh Water Company," of Easton, Pennsylvania, to supply the inhabitants of the village of Phillipsburgh and its vicinity, in the county of Warren, with water," approved March eighth, eighteen hundred and sixty-one.  March 9, 1863.

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1911 History of Warren County, New Jersey, by George Wyckoff Cummins, Ph.D., M.D.
Page 236:  In 1861 the Lehigh Water Company of Easton was authorized by a special act of the legislature to supply Phillipsburg with water. In 1886 the People's Water Company of Phillipsburg was organized and within a year had completed its plant, including a reservoir and a pumping station along the Delaware river north of the town. Extensive improvements were made to the plant in 1911. None of the water is pumped from the river, but it all comes from extensive wells which, from their situation in a sandy soil, give an excellent filtered supply of soft water. The present officers are G. G. Stryker, president; John A. Bachman, treasurer; and J. O. Carpenter, secretary.

1913 Statistics of Utilities, New Jersey. Board of Public Utilities
Page 190:  Lehigh Water Company.  This company was incorporated in Pennsylvania in 1860. It was authorized to supply water in Phillipsburg. N. J., by act of the Legislature of New Jersey, March 8, 1861, and supplement thereto March 9, 1863. It began water service operations in New Jersey shortly after the act of March 8, 1861, was passed. On December 31, 1911, it had only 7 consumers of water in the State of N.J., from whom the total revenue amounted to $1.435. The greater part of the plant of the company is located in Penna., and the operations carried on in that state are not reported. At the close of the your there was outstanding $500,000 common stock on which 7% dividends were paid during the year. The following are the principal officers: President. J. W. Wilson; Secretary, Daniel E. Steckel: Treasurer. David H. Lndlow; General Manager, Robert P. Radar; all of Easton, Pa.

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