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Andes, New York

Andes was incorporated as a village in 1861.

The Andes Water Company was incorporated in 1876 and built a gravity system. 

The village bought the water system in 1971, and the Town of Andes formed the Andes Water District after the village was dissolved in 2003.

Water is provided by the Town of Andes.

1880 The History of Delaware County
This company was organized under the general act of 1873. Application was made and the consent of supervisor and village trustees given July 18th, 1876.
The original incorporators were Duncan Ballantine, John C. Bohlman, Daniel H. Hawkes, Daniel B. Shafer, Daniel Hawkes, Ephraim A. Worden, Edward W. Shafer and Barna Johnson. The capital stock of the company is $6,000, divided into 240 shares of $25 each. The certificate of incorporation was filed in the office of the secretary of State August 1st, 1876.
The first board of directors was Duncan Ballantine, Ephraim A. Worden, Peter N. Bassett. Daniel H. Hawkes, Thomas S. Miller, William Youmans and Barna Johnson. Officers of this board were: President, Duncan Ballantine; vice-president Peter N. Bassett; secretary and treasurer, Daniel H. Hawkes; superintendent, Thomas S. Miller.
The reservoir, situated on the farm of Ephraim A. Worden, is fed by two large springs, is fifty feet square and eight feet deep, holding 120,000 gallons. The water is very cold and pure, and so clear that a pin can be seen in the bottom. The supply is practically unlimited and unchangeable, the severest droughts not affecting it in the least; the cost of thc work entire was $7,000; cost of reservoir, $1,372.08; number of pounds of pipe, 170,000: cost. $2,811.33. The water is conveyed to the village by 332 rods of 6-inch main, and about 100 rods of 3-inch branch and a net work of laterals. The iron was purchased from Campbell, Brick & Co., of New York.
The village of Andes furnished the street hydrants, and exempted the company from taxation for corporation purposes, in consideration of use of water in case of fires.
The present board of directors are Duncan Ballantine, Thomas S. Miller, Barna Johnson, Daniel H. Hawkes, Ephraim A. Worden, Peter N. Bassett and Alexander S. Dowie; and the officers of the same: President. Duncan Ballantine; vice-president, Alexander S. Dowie; secretary and treasurer, Barna Johnson: superintendent, Thomas S. Miller.
Duncan Ballantine, Thomas S. Miller, Daniel H. Hawkes and Barna Johnson have been directors ever since the company was organized, Duncan Ballantine as president, Thomas S. Miller superintendent.
The water falls 160 feet, with a pressure of 81 lbs. on the square inch, which, with the excellent fire department and apparatus, furnish the best facilities for extinguishing fires in the village.
The works of the company are now in excellent condition, the business and finances have been well managed, and it is earning at least six per cent. per annum on its capital stock Rates of insurance have been reduced in the village about 50 per cent. in consequence of the construction of the same, and it is a very commendable and beneficial enterprise, both to individuals and the public, and is a credit to its projectors and worthy the effort of corporations of much greater size and wealth.

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Water Commissioner Roy Frisbee says that he believes that the village of Andes has the lowest water rates in the state.

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Village of Andes to acquire Andes Water Company.

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