Documentary History of American Water-works

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Middle Atlantic States New York Avon

Avon, New York

Avon was settled around 1858 and incorporated as a village in 1858.

The Avon Water Company was incorporated in 1857 by Amos Dann, James Hosmer, Hiram B. Smith, George H. Nowlan, and McRee Swift "for the purpose of supplying the village of Avon with pure and wholesome water."  This company built a gravity system taking water from springs to an elevated reservoir using cement-lined wrought-iron pipe.  

The Village of Avon built a gravity system in 1888 using cast-iron and Wyckoff wood pipe to distribute water from Conesus Lake.

Water is provided by the Town of Avon.

1857 An act to incorporate the Avon Water company.  April 17, 1857.

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Pages 327-328:  Avon water supply description.  Said to consist of twenty-four miles of 10-inch tile pipe, four miles of 8-inch good pipe, two miles of 6-inch wood pipe, four miles of 12-inch cast-iron pipe, two miles of 8-inch cast iron pipe.

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