Documentary History of American Water-works

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Peekskill, New York

Peekskill was incorporated as a village in1816 and as a city in 1940.

The village built a system that used water power to pump into an elevated reservoir, with auxiliary steam engines added for use during periods of low water.  The system was tested on October 6, 1875.

Water is provided by the City of Peekskill.

1868 An act to incorporate the Peekskill Water Works Company.  May 8, 1868

1872 An act to provide for supplying the village of Peekskill with water, and authorizing the issue of bonds therefor, and to create a board of water commissioners.  April 16, 1872

1873 An act to authorize any life or fire insurance, or any trust or loan company, or any savings bank in the county of Westchester, t invest their funds or deposits in the bonds issued pursuant to any law of this State, by the village of Peekskill, Westchester county, for the purpose of constructing water-works.  June 10, 1873.

1875 An act to amend an act entitled "An act to provide for supplying the village of Peekskill with water, and authorizing the issue of bonds therefor, and to create a board of water commissioners," passed April sixteenth,
eighteen hundred and seventy-two
.  April 12, 1875

1875 "The Peekskill Water Supply," New-York Tribune, June 18, 1875, Page 2.

1875 The Catskill Recorder, October 1, 1875, Page 3.
Peekskill’s water works will cost $200,000 and the reservoir has a capacity of 26,000,OOO  gallons.  It  will  be employed chiefly for culinary and laundry purposes

1875 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, October 7, 1875, Page 2.
The new water works of Peekskill were tested yesterday. The result was satisfactory.

1876 Rates, Rules and Regulations in relation to the Introduction, Supply and Use of Water from the Peekskill Water Works for 1876.

1880 An act to amend chapter two hundred and thirty-one of the laws of eighteen hundred and seventy-two, entitled "An act to provide for supplying the village of Peekskill with water, and authorizing the issue of bonds therefor, and to create a board of water commissioners."  May 26, 1880

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1884 Charter of the Village of Peekskill, N.Y. and the Act creating a Board of Water Commissioners and the several acts amendatory thereto.

1886 History of Westchester county : New York, including Morrisania, Kings Bridge, and West Farms, which have been annexed to New York City, by John Thomas Scharf.
Page 408:  The Peekskill Water Works was completed and put into operation in the year 1875. Most of the work of its construction was performed under the direction of a board of water commissioners, consisting of Reuben R. Finch, president; George W. Robertson, secretary; C. F. Southard, treasurer and William S. Tompkins and Gilbert T. Sutton. On a point occupied during the Revolutionary War by an encampment of American soldiers and hence known as "The Campfield,'' is located the reservoir. It is three hundred and seventy-six feet above tide water, is five acres in extent and has a capacity of thirty-one million gallons. The water is pumped from the Peekskill Hollow Brook by means of turbine wheels. The cost of the work, up to the time of its being put into operation, was one hundred and forty-one thousand dollars, the length of the street mains laid was thirty-eight thousand and seventy-five feet and the number of fire hydrants set seventy-six.
The water is of great purity and on evaporating leaves no deposit. The pressure in the pipes varies from one hundred pounds to the square inch in the highest parts of the village to one hundred and sixty-three pounds to the square inch at the docks. In the business portion the pressure is one hundred and ten pounds, which is sufficient to throw a stream from an inch nozzle to the height of one hundred and fifty feet. At the docks a stream can be thrown one hundred and eighty feet high.

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Page 6:  Peekskill water works

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1905 History of Peekskill
September 30, 1875, water pumped into Peekskill reservoir.

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