Documentary History of American Water-works

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Preble, New York

Preble was organized as a town in 1808.

The Preble Water Company was incorporated in 1863 by David Jacobs, Caleb D. Kirmer, Thomas J. Howard, Matthias Van Hoesen. John Green, Edmund Kelly. Benton Capron, John J. Out, Seth P. Kelsey, and Horatio Van Buskirk "for the purpose of supplying the several members of this corporation and those associated with them with water ... and may lay and construct or repair now laid and constructed any pipes, conduits, aqueducts, wells, reservoirs."  The language in the charter indicates that some pipes were "now laid," but no additional information has been found about this system.

Another Preble Water Company built a system in 1895.

An attempt was made to form a Preble Water District in 1934, which apparently did not happen.  A Preble Water Works was operating in 1939, and may have become the current Preble Water Association.

Water is currently provided by the Preble Water Association, PWS No. NY1101760.

References and Timeline
1855 Map of Cortland County, New York : from actual surveys, Shows location of Preble

1863 An act to incorporate the Preble Water Company.  May 5, 1863.

1876 Map of Preble Township

1885 History of Cortland county, with illustrations and biographical sketches of some of its prominent men and pioneers, by Henry Perry Smith
Pages 395-404:  History of the Town of Preble
Pages 401-404:  Preble Corners

1895 The Tully Times, October 26, 1895, Page 3.
The Preble Water Co. have nearly completed their works.  Every family can be supplied if need be.

1934 The Cortland Democrat, July 6, 1934, Page 1.
Preble Organizes for Water System with TERA Aid.  A majority signified approval of the organization of the Preble water district at the hearing before the town board Monday night.  A few expressions of opposition were heard by the board.

1939 The Cortland Democrat, September 1, 1939, Page 1.
Prebleó Preble's water supply seems  to  be  exhausted.  Local  residents are drawing water in milk cans. Wells  and springs are dry this  summer that were never known to be dry before. Much of the local  supply  is  piped from  springs. 

1946 The Tully Tmes, April 18, 1946, Page 8.
The Preble Water Works, Inc. held a special meeting Thursday April 4 to discuss taking on another member.  It was  agreed  that  there  were 16 already and that would be the limit with no new  members. 

1947 Cortland Standard, October 3, 1947, Page 4.
Officers for the year were elected to succeed themselves at a meeting of the Preble Water Works.  Thomas Moss was elected president  and  Leslie  Bartholomew, secretary  and  treasurer. The fiscal year was voted to hereafter begin on October 1, and all water rents due at that time are to be paid to Leslie Bartholomew, treasurer. 

1952 The Tully Times, October 23, 1952, Page 5.
Preble Water works  held  their annual  meting at the fire house Monday evening.

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