Documentary History of American Water-works

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Middle Atlantic States New York Warwick

Warwick, New York

Warwick was incorporated as a village in 1867.

The village built a gravity system that began operating in January, 1872.

Water is provided by the Village of Warwick.

1871 An act to amend an act to incorporate the village of Warwick, passed April fifteenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, so as to enable the inhabitants of said village to obtain a supply of water for public and private uses.  April 4, 1871

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The Warwick water works are so far advanced that they will be in use before winter sets in.

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Page 452:  Water-Works. - The village was first supplied with water in 1872. The brook running north through the Thomas Welling and P. E. Sanford farms to the Wawayanda creek furnishes the supply, and is called Mistucky, This name is an Indian one, from an Indian village located near the reservoirs, originally called Miskoutucky, signifying red hills or plains.
In 1871 preparations were made for the building of a dam of 131 feet across this brook, which when completed made a reservoir of 1 90/100 acres on the Welling farm and 1 50/100 acres on the Sanford farm, both of which pieces of land were acquired by the village. Upon the completion of the work and the introduction of water in the village, a celebration took place in honor of the event in January, 1872.
This reservoir is situated one and a half miles south from the center of the village and covers over three acres of land, with a capacity of eight million gallons of water. The works were constructed at a cost of $25,000,
In 1890 the village had outgrown the old supply and steps were taken to increase the same. Accordingly a second reservoir was constructed about a quarter of a mile to the south of the first dam, with a capacity of thirty million gallons,
In 1903 the sum of $23,000 was appropriated for the enlargement of water mains and the construction of new ones.

1950 In the Matter of Application of the VILLAGE OF WARWICK, for Approval of Acquisition of an Additional Source of Water Supply and of Financial and Engineering Plans for Construction of Such Addition

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