Documentary History of American Water-works

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Archbald, Pennsylvania

Archbald was incorporated as a borough in 1876.

The Archbald Water Company was incorporated on October 11, 1875 and build a gravity system.

The company was bought by the Scranton Gas and Water Company in 1901, which later became part of the American Water Works Company.

Water is provided by Pennsylvania American Water.

1880 History of Luzerne, Lackawanna, and Wyoming counties, Pa. : with illustrations and biographical sketches of some of their prominent men and pioneers
Page 464:  The Archbald Water Company. June 3d, 1875, at a meeting of citizens a committee was appointed to solicit subscriptions to the capital stock of a water company; and during the same month, the desired capital having been pledged, the Archbald Water Company was incorporated. H. D. Lindeman, Patrick Kearney, J. J. Williams, John C. Peters and John Sweeney were chosen provisional trustees, and at a meeting held June 23d of that year the following officers were elected: James J. Williams, president; W. H. Kearney, secretary; John Sweeney, treasurer. A supply of excellent water was obtained from a mountain spring some two miles east of the village. A contract for constructing the necessary works was awarded to Kirlin & Palmer. The charter (perpetual) is dated October 28th, 1875, at which time J. J. Williams, Thomas Healy, H. D. Lindeman, John C. Peters, John Sweeney, H. C. Miller and W. H. Kearney were elected directors. Thomas Law, A. V. Gerbig and Anthony Kinback were constituted a board of audit, and W. H. Kearney superintendent. In June, 1876, he resigned, but in October, 1876, was re-elected, and in 1879 he was chosen secretary. In 1878 Dr. John Foote was elected president; 1879, J. J. Williams, and in that year Philip Behle was elected treasurer and George Bishop superintendent. The capital is two hundred shares of $50 each, of which one hundred and eighty have been issued. The mains laid extend about two miles, and a sufficient head is obtained at the hydrants to throw water over any building in the business part of the borough. The value of the property is about $14,000.

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The Scranton Gas and Water company has become the owner of the Archbald water company, which supplies water to the boroughs of Archbald and Blakely.

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