Documentary History of American Water-works

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Ashland, Pennsylvania

Ashland was incorporated as a borough in 1857.

An application was made to the legislature in 1861 to incorporate the Ashland Water Company, but did not pass.

The Ashland Gas and Water Company was incorporated in 1865 by Michael Horan, George D. Haughawout, Charles Conner, William H. Gallaher, Edward Connelly and Lewis L. Bevan "for making, raising and introducing, into the borough of Ashland, in the county Schuylkill, a sufficient supply of gas and pure water."  No evidence has been found that this company built anything.

The borough of Ashland built a gravity system that began operating in April, 1877.

The Ashland Area Municipal Authority was incorporated on September 17, 1991.

Water is provided by the Ashland Area Municipal Authority.

1861 Weekly Miners' Journal (Pottsville, Pennsylvania), March 16, 1861, Page 2.
Notice is hereby given that an application will be made to the present Legislature for an Act of Incorporation of the Ashland Water Company, to be located at or near the borough of Ashland, in the county of Schuylkill, for the purpose of introducing water from the Mahanoy Creek and its tributaries into said borough of Ashland.  J. J. Connor, John S. Dye, A. P. Spinney, March 16, '61.

1865 An act to incorporate the Ashland Gas and Water Company.  March 4, 1865.

1870 A supplement to an act, entitled “An Act to incorporate the Ashland Gas and Water Company,” approved the fourth day of March, Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and sixty-five.  March 14, 1870.

1881 History of Schuylkill County, Pa: With Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Some of Its Prominent Men and Pioneers
Page 182:  The  borough council in June, 1876, ordered a  special  election,  on  the  question of increasing the  indebtedness  of  the borough,  to  an amount not exceeding seven per  cent.,  for  the purpose  of  erecting water works.  This election was  held  July 15th,  and  resulted  in favor of the measure.   July  27th,  the council appointed as commissioners, D. Schneider, William  Christian,  Thomas  Glenwright and Michael Garner on  behalf,  of  the council, and J.B. Price, H. Trautman and M. Fannon, on behalf  of the  people, to construct works, subject to the approval  of  the council.   Afterward  Watkin Powell was added on  behalf  of  the council  and  Emanuel  Bast for the citizens.   Frank  Rentz  was elected  secretary of the commission, and he has been  identified with the department from that time to the present.  The source of supply  selected  was the Little Mahanoy creek, at a  point  some four  miles distant from the borough, and ten acres of land  were purchased at a cost of $4,500.  The work was commenced  September 1st, 1876, under Mr. Kassona's surveys. The dam is three hundred and forty-five feet above Centre and Third  streets.  The water is brought to the borough  in  twelve-inch mains and distributed through six-inch pipes.  Bonds to the
amount of $60,000, at six per cent. interest, were issued by  the department, $36,000 of which have been redeemed.  Up to 1880 the cost  of  construction  and extension  was  $63,000.  Rents are charged to parties using the water.  The interest and  principal of the  bonded indebtedness are paid by  direct  taxation.  The department is managed by a committee of three  members of  the
borough  council, elected in May of each year; and they control the  operations  of the superintendent, who is  elected  by  the council.

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