Documentary History of American Water-works

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Middle Atlantic States Pennsylvania Canton

Canton, Pennsylvania

Canton was incorporated as a borough in 1864.

The Minnequa Springs Improvement Company was incorporated on April 17, 1873 and built the first water system in the borough..

The Canton Water Company was incorporated on September 20, 1877 and built a water system that began service in September, 1877.

The Citizen's Water Company was incorporated on July 20, 1883.

The Canton Borough Authority was incorporated on May 9, 1951 and bought the Citizens' Water Company on July 1, 1952 for $76,000.

Water is provided by the Canton Borough Authority.

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1877 The Canton Sentinel, August 9, 1877, Page 3.
Rapid progress is now being made, by a large force of laborers in excavating the trenches for laying pipes to introduce water into Minnequa Hotel.  About two miles of excavations have been made.  Mr. Herdic expects to have the work completed during the fall of this year.  The water is to be brought from Mill Creek, and will made quite an additional convenience to the guests at the Springs.

1877 The Canton Sentinel, September 6, 1877, Page 3.
The residence of Mr. B. Benedict, Centre street, was the first house in our borough to have the water introduced by the Canton Water Company.

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The Canton Water Company has made an amicable arrangement with the Minnequa Improvement Co. by which the former is allowed to construct a reservoir at the head of Mill Creek in place of the one carried out by a flood some years since.

1881 Coons & Braine v. Tome and others, 9 F. 532, Dec. 17, 1881, Circuit Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania

1883 "The Canton Water Company," The Canton Sentinel, June 29, 1883, Page 3.
Revocation of their charter for non-payment of state taxes.

1883 "The Water Question," The Canton Sentinel, July 13, 1883, Page 1.
Dispute between Canton and Citizens' Water Companies.

1883 The Canton Sentinel, July 27, 1883, Page 1.
A decision in the water question was rendered last week in favor of the old company.  We understand that the water service will be improved by the erection of a reservoir.

1886 "The Water Question," The Canton Sentinel, September 3, 1886, Page 1.
We hear it rumored that Peter Herdic has leased the Citizens' water works for a term of years.  It is also said that the Wellsboro tariff of rates will be adopted, which is somewhathigher than the rates now in effect.  The changes will take effect October 1.

1886 The Canton Sentinel, November 5, 1886, Page 4.
We fail to find any reason for the Citizens' water company leasing the water works to Mr. Herdic.

1888 Peter Herdic (1824-1888) grave

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1891 History of Bradford County, Pennsylvania: With Biographical Selections, by Henry C. Bradsby
Page 451:  Citizens’ Water Works (incorporated), Canton, was established in 1876 and reorganized in 1883; capital stock, $25,000. The first supply was from Mill creek, and the second was from Lake Nephwan, in 1889. The former was about one and one-fourth miles, and the latter one-half mile distant. The officers are: G. W. Maynard, president; J. E. Cleveland, treasurer; L. E. Manley, secretary; G. E. Guernsey, manager. The pipes have been extended to Minnequa, and supply that place as well as Canton. The water from the creek has a fall of 300 feet, and from the lake about 250 feet-—an unlimited supply, and altogether Canton may he said to have the best water supply in northern Pennsylvania.

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1952 "Boro Authority Signs Final Papers," The Canton Independent-Sentinel, July 3, 1952, Page 1.
Assumes Possession of Citizens Water Co.

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