Documentary History of American Water-works

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Middle Atlantic States Pennsylvania Carbondale

Carbondale, Pennsylvania

Carbondale was incorporated as city in 1851.

The Carbondale City Water Company was incorporated on March 21, 1866 by B. M’Tighe, John E. Brown, Anthony Nealon, John M. Poore, John Nealon, Richard Foote and T. Voyle.  It does not appear that this company built anything.

The Crystal Lake Water Company was incorporated on August 19, 1867 by Joseph A. Van Berger, William Henry Richmond and others.  The company built a gravity system that began operating in 1868.

The company expanded and was eventually acquired by the Scranton Gas & Water Company, and eventually became part of the American Water Works Company.

Water is provided by Pennsylvania American Water.

1866 An act to incorporate the Carbondale City Water Company.  March 21, 1866

1867 Crystal Lake Water Company incorporated.  August 19, 1867.

1867 "New Water Company," The Luzerne Union (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania), August 28, 1867, Page 2.
The Crystal Lake Water Company of this place was incorporated by decree of the court last week.  It is the intention of the company, we understand, to proceed at once with the erection of their works and the introduction of water.  Complaints are bitter and deep about the extortion of the old company, and our citizens would hail with delight a company which would supply water within the bounds of reason.  The borough of Norristown, not much larger than this place, with expensive pumping machinery, is supplied with water at about one fourth the price charged here, where the water runs down the pipes with a natural fall from the mountains, and no expense but original cost in pipe-laying and repairs.

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1897 Portrait and Biographical Record of Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, by Chapman Publishing Company
Pages 377-378:  Joseph B. Van Bergen.  Being president of the Crystal Lake Water Company that furnishes the city with its fine system of water works and was one of its organizers.

1905 "Scranton Gas & Water has acquired properties of Consolidated Company," The Scranton Truth, June 27, 1905, Page 2.
Crystal Lake Water Company

1907 "Rates are to high," The Scranton Republican, December 17, 1907, Page 3. | part 2 |
History of the company

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Page 442:  William Henry Richmond.  He was the projector and chief stockholder of the Crystal Lake Water Company.

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