Documentary History of American Water-works

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Middle Atlantic States Pennsylvania  Centreville

Centreville, Pennsylvania

Centreville was an unincorporated village in Buckingham Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania that is now known as Buckingham Village.

The Centreville Water Company of Buckingham was incorporated in 1848 to "bring, introduce and convey water into the village of Centreville."  Samuel Armstrong, George M. Kohl, Isaiah B. Mathews, Dr. Charles Mathews, James Burson, Michael Vanhart, Joseph O. Ely and Charles P. Large were appointed commissioners to form the company.  Despite being given a five year extension, no evidence has been found that this company built anything.

A well water distribution system was built or acquired by Buckingham, but the date is not known.

Water is provided by Buckingham Township

1848 An act authorizing the governor to incorporate the Centreville water company, of Buckingham.  April 8, 1848.

1852 An act ... extending the time for the completion of the works of the Centreville Water Company.  March 27, 1852.

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