Documentary History of American Water-works

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Middle Atlantic States Pennsylvania Clarion

Clarion, Pennsylvania

Clarion was incorporated as a borough in 1841.

The Clarion Water Company was organized in 1874 and built a system the following year that pumped water from the Clarion river into tanks.  The company somehow neglected to get incorporated, which was finally done in 1887.

The Clarion Water Company was incorporated on March 3, 1887.

The company had agreed to be sold to the American Water Works and Guarantee Company in early 1913, but that company went into receivership in July and the Clarion company was instead sold to local parties.

The company was purchased by H.D. Walbridge & Co. in 1923 and it was incorporated into Walbridge's Pennsylvania Electric system.  He sold these utility holdings to the Associated Gas & Electric Company in 1925, which after a series of transactions ended up as part of the American Water Works Company.

Water is provided by Pennsylvania American Water.

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Books for subscriptions to the stock of the Clarion Water Company will be opened this week.

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The Clarion Water Company received its Letters Patent on Saturday.  The company claimed incorporated by the Counts of this county, but it was discovered that it was not legally incorporated, hence the application and granting of a new charter.

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To the Public of Clarion by the Clarion Water Company.  The ownership and management of the Company have changed hands.

1914 "The Clarion Water Company Tied Up" The Clarion Democrat, March 19, 1914, Page 1.
Great scheme for controlling and manipulating a vast property in water works, traction companies, etc.
Everybody remembers that the Clarion Water Works was sold by the local company about a year ago to the American Water Works and Guarantee Company.

1914 "The Water Proposition," The Clarion Democrat, March 26, 1914, Page 5.
In referring to the Clarion Water Company last week we stated it was tied up in the affairs of the American Water Works and Guarantee Co., which we find is not correct.  The Clarion company under agreement had been sold to the American company last year, but as the latter became involved financially and was not able to carry out its agreement the company was taken over by local capital and is now under local directors since last January.  This was unknown to us as the facs had never been made public.

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The announcement has been made that the Clarion Water Company, which all its rights and privileges, has been bought outright by H.D. Walbridge & Co. and the company is now in full possession of the same.

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