Documentary History of American Water-works

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Middle Atlantic States Pennsylvania Edenburg

Knox, Pennsylvania

Knox was incorporated as the borough of Edenburg in 1876.  The post office was renamed Knox as there was already an Edenburg post office in Pennsylvania.  The name of the borough was changed in 1933.,

A water system was built by subscription in 1880 primarily for fire protection, and taken over by the borough in 1882.

Water is provided by the borough of Knox.

1887 History of Clarion County, Pennsylvania, edited by: A. J. Davis
Owing to the depressed state of business at this time, many gave up in despair and removed from the town, but gradually buildings were erected over the burnt district, until it was nearly covered, some of which were barely occupied when, on the 23d day of August of the same year, the livery stable which had figured in other fires, now owned by Wheelock and Moor; was again discovered to be on fire. Two boys sleeping in the front end of the stable barely escaped with their lives, and seven horses perished in the flames. One by some means effected his escape. A number of the newly erected buildings were burned. This had a discouraging effect upon the people in this part of the town, and the space made by the fire was slow in being rebuilt. The citizens now raised a subscription amounting to $1,200, to which the town council added $300, and with this fund water works have been erected that not only reflect credit upon the town, but establish renewed confidence in its future prosperity.

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