Documentary History of American Water-works

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Middle Atlantic States Pennsylvania Ephrata

Ephrata, Pennsylvania

Ephrata was incorporated as a borough in 1891.

The Ephrata Water Company was incorporated December 2, 1878 and built a system

The Cocalico Water Company was incorporated on January 30, 1892.  They engaged in a heated competition for a franchise with the borough, which resulted in the borough advertising for bids to build their own system.  This in turn led to the Ephrata Water Company suing the borough over unpaid hydrant rentals.  The borough won three separate suits, but each was overturned by the Pennsylvania Superior Court. Finally in 1905 the

The Ephrata Area Joint Authority was incorporated on May 16, 1983 through an inter-municipal co-operation agreement between Clay Township, Ephrata Township, and Ephrata Borough.

Water is provided by Ephrata Area Joint Authority

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For nearly eleven years the borough of Ephrata, Pa., was involved in litigation with the Ephrata Water Company over the perplexing question of hydrant rentals.  Three times the Court of Common Pleas gave judgment for the borough, and thrice the Supreme Court reversed it.  A fourth trial was had, and the lower court then decided against the borough.  The parties in interest finally agreed to submit the case to arbitration, the board to consist of two selected by the borough, two by the corporation, and a fifth by the four thus chosen.  The appraisers settled not only the question of the borough's indebtedness of the water company, but they they agreed upon a fair valuation for the water-works plant and franchise, and the borough has given until July 16th to accept or reject the works at the appraised value.

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The Ephrata Water Company to the borough of Ephrata, the plant known as the Ephrata Water plant, tract of land, etc., $47,200.

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