Documentary History of American Water-works

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Loganton, Pennsylvania

Loganton was incorporated as the borough of Logansville in 1870.  The name was changed to Loganton in 1888.

The Logansville Water Company was incorporated in 1860 by George Kleckner, Daniel Ettinger, Jonathan Moyer, George B. Bogar, James F. Berry, Daniel Bortges, and Daniel L. Reber, in the town of Logansville, in the county of Clinton.  The company finished its incorporation process in July, 1861 and built a gravity system using wooden pipes.

The system was bought by Loganton Borough around 1911 for about $5,000.

The Loganton Borough Authority was incorporated on July 10, 1969.

Water is provided by the Loganton Borough Water Authority, PWS # PA4180052.

1860 An act to incorporate the Logansville Water Company.  February 1, 1860.

1861 An act supplemental to an act to incorporate the Logansville Water Company.  April 17, 1861.

1892 Historical and Biographical Work: Or, Past and Present of Clinton County, Comprising a Sketch of Every Town and Township, by J. Milton Furey
Page 289:  Loganton Water Company.
Loganton Water Company was incorporated July 15th, 1861.  The first officers were: President, James P. Berry; secretary, Dr. Jonathan Moyer; treasurer, William Smith; managers, George C. Breon, Daniel Reber, John Berry, Michael Karstetter and Jacob Keister.
The present officers are: President, C. W. Conser; secretary, W. P. Moyer; treasurer, J. B. Barner; managers, C. W. Conser, W. P. Moyer, Dr. J. A. Houtz, Jacob Keister and J. J. Fiddler. The water is received from a never-failing spring near the sulphur spring, north of town.

1902 The Express (Lock Haven, Pennsylvania), June 23, 1902.
Loganton Borough Council appointed Harry Kleckner, John Lamey and Harry Boob a committee to confer with the Loganton Water Co. with the view of purchasing the right of way, stock, and property of the water company.

1910 The Express (Lock Haven, Pennsylvania), March 23, 1910.
Upon petition of the Borough of Loganton the Clinton County Court appointed a committee to appraise the plant of the Logansville Water Co.

1911 Altoona Tribune, February 2, 1911, Page 8.
The borough of Loganton, Clinton county has secured a majority interest in the stock of the water company that supplies the needful to the town.  The bonding of teh town for $5,000 will be necessary to purchase the plant.

1912 Seventh Annual Report of the Commissioner of Health for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Part II.
Page 1204:  131.  Loganton Borough, Clinton County, is supplied with water by the Loganton Water Company from a protected spring.

1965 The Express (Lock Haven, Pennsylvania), June 29, 1965, Page 25.
Loganton was one of the first Clinton County Communities in the remoter sections of the county to provide its water supply.  Back in the 80's, the Loganton Water Co. was sending water through wood pipe into cisterns throughout the borough from a never-failing spring, opposite the site of the famous Sulpher Spring.  It cost 25 cents per months per family.

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