Documentary History of American Water-works

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Middle Atlantic States Pennsylvania Mount Joy

Mount Joy, Pennsylvania

Mount Joy was incorporated as a borough in 1851.

The borough was given authority to build water works in 1872 and built a system and used water and steam-power to pump water into an elevated reservoir.  The works were completed and tested in June, 1875.

The Mount Joy Borough Authority was incorporated on December 8, 1948.

Water is provided by the Mount Joy Borough Authority.

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Page 605:  Mount Joy Borough. Water-works add to the attractiveness of the town as a place of residence. They were built in 187374 by the borough, the action having been authorized by a vote taken in 1872. The borough secured water-supply and water-power by purchasing the old Hiestand mill, on Little Chikis Creek. The water is forced from there to a large reservoir on the on the ridge by the Mount Joy Cemetery, whence it flows through means to nearly all parts of town, affording an effective means for fighting fire, as well as for sprinkling the streets and grass-plats.  The cost of the works, with the mill, was forty thousand dollars.  The building committee consisted of Samuel Kurtz, William Kuhn, and John M. Brandt. From the first William Kuhn has been superintendent, and he is presently in that office.

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