Documentary History of American Water-works

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Middle Atlantic States Pennsylvania New Brighton

New Brighton, Pennsylvania

New Brighton was incorporated a borough in 1838.

The New Brighton Water Company was incorporated in 1838 to manage water power assets, and did not distribute water.

The Cold Spring Water Company at New Brighton was incorporated in 1860 but did not build anything.

The New Brighton Water Company was incorporated May 19, 1879 and built a system that pumped water into a reservoir.

The company leased their system to the Beaver Valley Water Company in May 1902.

The Beaver Valley Water Company was purchased by the Consumers Water Company in 1926.

The Beaver Valley Municipal Authority was incorporated on July 3, 1940 and purchased the Beaver Valley Water company on September 1, 1940 for $4.3 million.

Water is provided by the Beaver Falls Municipal Authority

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1902 Fire and Water Engineering 31(22):171 (May 31, 1902) | also here |
The Beaver Valley Pa., Water company has been formed as the result of a consolidation of the seven water companies supplying water to this territory, which comprises half a dozen boroughs, with thriving suburbs, and has a population of 60,000 to 75,000 people. The new company will absorb all the interests of the seven old companies and will control the water supply for all purposes—drinking, irrigation, and manufacturing—of this great and populous district. The companies included in the consolidation are: Union Water company, People’s Water company, New Brighton Water company, North Rochester Water company. Freedom Water company, Conway Water company, and West Bridgewater Water company. The water supply for the entire system will be taken from the big gravity filtration plant of the Union Water company at Beaver Falls, which draws its supply from the Beaver river, about a half mile above the town, where an immense dam crosses the stream, making a pool seven miles long, a half mile wide, and in many places twenty feet deep, The officers of the Beaver Valley Water company are: James F. Grimes, of Pittsburgh, president; John T. Taylor, of Monaca, secretary and treasurer.

1915 Borough of New Brighton v. New Brighton Water Co. et al., 247 Pa. 232, January 2, 1915, Supreme Court of Pennsylvania
1. The first step in the acquisition of a plant of a water company by a borough under the Act of April 29, 1874, P. L. 73, is to make an investigation of the books, records and plant of the company to ascertain the cost of the plant and the consideration which the municipality would be required to pay; and where access to the records is denied by the corporation, mandamus is the proper 1915. The company cannot be required to furnish detailed information at its own expense.
2. In such case the owner of the water works is the proper party defendant, and the lessee of such works, even though it operates the same is improperly joined, where it appears from the terms of the lease that the lessor and lessee had not merged, and that the former maintained its corporate existence, a certain supervision over the business of the company, and shared in the net receipts, and that the lessee was required to account to the lessor company; the awarding of a peremptory mandamus against the owner and lessee in such case is a fatal error, and on appeal judgment must be entered generally for the defendants, as there can be no amendment of a peremptory writ.

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