Documentary History of American Water-works

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Parker, Pennsylvania

Parker was incorporated as  a city in 1873, combining the villages of Parker's Landing and Lawrenceburg.

The first water works were built in 1872 by the Parker's Landing and Lawrenceburg Water Company.  The system pumped water from the Allegheny River into tanks using a steam engine and began service on Thanksgiving Day, 1872.

The Parker City Water Company was incorporated on January 16, 1891.

The City of Parker bought the water company in 1936 for $4,500.

The Parker City Municipal Authority was incorporated on June 24, 1946 to build and finance a new water works which was completed in 1953.

The Parker Area Authority was incorporated on January 12, 1987.

The City of Parker established the water authority in 1987. From that time until September 1999, the City handled the sewage as Parker City Sewage Authority. In 1999, the system was expanded to include Northeast Parker Township (Butler County) and the system was turned over to the Parker Area Authority. Today it serves 350 residential and 20 commercial customers.

Water is provided by the Parker Area Authority | also  here.|

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