Documentary History of American Water-works

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Petrolia, Pennsylvania

Petrolia was incorporated as a borough in 1873.

The borough granted a water works franchise on April 7, 1874 to A. C. Besson and Murat Compton.  They sold franchise to E. O'Donnell and Frank L. Masson, who constructed a system that pumped water from an artesian well into an elevated tank.

The Petrolia Water Works Company, Limited was formed on October 8, 1880 as a limited partnership and took over the water works.

The system was sold to the borough in 1891.

The Water and Sewer Authority of the Borough of Petrolia, Butler County, Pennsylvania was incorporated on March 5, 1974.

The Petroleum Valley Regional Water Authority was incorporated on November 12, 2002 to provide water to communities whose wells had been contaminated.

Water is provided by the Petroleum Valley Regional Water Authority.

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1883 History of Butler County, Pennsylvania. With illustrations and biographical sketches of some of its prominent men and pioneers
Page 376:  For the protection of the borough against losses from fire, an ordinance was enacted April 7, 1874,  granting to A. C. Besson and Murat Compton the full and exclusive right to construct water works.  The right was transferred to E. O'Donnell and Frank L. Masson, who at once proceeded to construct works as a private enterprise. In June, I880, the property was divided into a capital stock of $1,200 and mostly sold to citizens of the borough.  The company organized with the following board of managers;  Guerdon Williams, Chairman; D. C. Backus. T. T. Mapes, D. A.  Cypher; F. L. Masson, Superintendent; S. W. Harley. Secretary; and E. A. Taylor, Treasurer.  Mr. Masson has been superintendent from the beginning. The works consist of one water pump of twenty-horse power, to supply the town with water: a stationary pump of forty-horse power for use in case of fire; and about live miles of hose.

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Page 545:  In April, 1874, the council passed an ordinance giving to A. C. Beeson and Murat Compton the right to construct water works. This franchise was at once transferred to E. O'Donnell and F. L. Masson, who constructed the system and carried it on until June 1880, when a stock company was organized to assume ownership, Guerdon Williams, D. C. Backus, T. J. Mapes, D. A. Cypher, F. L. Masson, S. W. Harley and E. A. Taylor being the officials. In 1891 it became the property of the borough.

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