Documentary History of American Water-works

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Middle Atlantic States Pennsylvania Troy

Troy, Pennsylvania

Troy was incorporated as a borough in 1845.

The Troy Water Company of Troy, Bradford County was incorporated on December 30, 1878.

Water is provided by the borough of Troy.

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1901 Troy Water Company v. Troy Borough, Appellant, 200 Pa. 453, October 11, 1901, Pennsylvania Supreme Court
Where a borough has entered into an agreement with a water company to supply the borough with water, and the agreement has been carried out, the right of the borough to establish a water supply of its own is exhausted.
Where a borough by an agreement with a water company has exhausted its power to establish a water supply of its own, the borough has no power to establish such supply because the water company failed properly to perform its contract. The remedy of the borough is by proper proceedings to compel the water company to furnish an adequate supply.

1902 The Wellsboro Gazette, February 12, 1902, Page 5.
A syndicate of 20 business men in Troy have chipped in $1,000 apiece and bought for $20,000 the Troy Water Company's plant.  The syndicate give Troy borough the privilege of buying the plant at the price they paid for it, and will hold it  till the question of the purchase by the borough can be decided at an election.

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Troy borough voted on Tuesday on the proposition to increase the debt of the borough for the purchase of the plant of the Troy Water company, and the proposition to uy was carried by a vote of 164 to 62.

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