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Middle Atlantic States Pennsylvania  West Grove

West Grove, Pennsylvania

West Grove was incorporated as a borough in 1893.

The first water system was built in 1863 by Joseph Pyle using gravity and pumping by steam. 

The West Grove Water Company was incorporated on June 15, 1904 and bought the water system from Pyle. 

The Borough of West Grove bought the water system on November 24, 1916 for $32,000.

Water service is provided by the Borough of West Grove.

1897 "West Grove," from Manual of American Water Works, Volume 4.

1904 Historic Homes and Institutions and Genealogical and Personal Memoirs of Chester and Delaware Counties, Pennsylvania, Volume 1, by Gilbert Cope and Henry Graham Ashmead
Page 333:  Joseph Pyle.  He was the first to introduce the manufacture of brick in West Grove, and is the owner of the West Grove Water Works, being instrumental in the installation of the system.

1918 Commonwealth ex rel. District Attorney v. West Grove Borough, et al., December 23, 1918, C. P. Chester Co, January Term, 1919.
On November 24, 1916, the Borough of West Grove, with proper authority, became the owner, by purchase, of the plant of the West Grove Water Company, then owned by private individuals, and paid for it by the execution and delivery them of interest-bearing bonds, amounting to $32,000, secured by first lien, exclusivity on the plant.

1922 Joseph Pyle, born December 31, 1838 in Pennsylvania, died October 20, 1922 in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.

2017 History of West Grove
The “Father of West Grove” was Joseph Pyle. Born in Penn Township in 1836, Joseph Pyle opened a general store in 1860 in the brick building that now houses the West Grove Pharmacy. This building was constructed by Pyle and is believed to be the oldest brick structure in the center of town. Joseph Pyle constructed many of the commercial buildings along the present-day Exchange Place including the Roselyn Theater Building in 1867 (torn down in 1980), the National Bank of West Grove Building in 1883 and the K&P Building in 1885. Appointed Postmaster by President Lincoln in 1864, Pyle served for twenty-two years. Further Pyle introduced the manufacture of brick, planned and installed the first public water system, was President of the West Grove Improvement Company which financed the construction of the casket factory in 1885, served on Borough Council and was Burgess (Mayor) from 1900-1903.

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