Documentary History of American Water-works

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Middle Atlantic States Pennsylvania West Pittston

West Pittston, Pennsylvania

West Pittston was settled in 1778 and incorporated as a borough in 1857.

The West Pittston Water Company was incorporated in 1871 and built a system that began service in October, 1871, supplied by the Pennsylvania Coal Company's water works.

The Pittston Water Company bought the West Pittstown Water Company in 1877 and began serving the borough of West Pittston.

Water service is provided by Pennsylvania American Water.

1871 An act to incorporate the West Pittston Water Company.  June 2, 1871.

1872 An act authorizing the borough council of the borough of West Pittston, Pennsylvania, to purchase the water-works and improvements of the West West Pittston Water Company, also to make all necessary improvements and extension required, to borrow money, and to appoint commissioners to carry out said object.  March 28, 1872.

1882 Pittston, from Engineering News, 9:122 (April 15, 1882)
A separate company was organized in West Pittston in 1871, to which water was furnished by an 8-inch pipe laid across the bed of the river.  This company was purchased by the Pittston company in 1877.

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