Documentary History of American Water-works

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Middle Atlantic States
New Jersey Belvidere

Belvidere, New Jersey

Belvidere was incorporated as a town in 1845.

The Belvidere Reservoir and Water Company was incorporated in 1855 by William P. Robson, Phineas B. Kecnedy, William S. White, J. Marshall Paul, John M. Sbenerd, and Edward R. Crane "to supply the town of Belvidere with good and wholesome water.  This company did not build anything.

The Belvidere Water Company was incorporated on June 5, 1877 and built a system that pumped water from the Delaware River to a standpipe.

The Buckhorn Springs Water Company was incorporated on August 16, 1907 and build a competing gravity system from springs.

After several years of legal squabbling between the two companies, the Belvidere Water Company was sold at auction by the local sheriff in 1916.  The Buckhorn Springs Water Company was eventually acquired by the New Jersey Water Company, which later became part of New Jersey American Water..

Water service is provided by New Jersey American Water.

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Belvidere Without Water.  Belvidere, N.J., Dec. 10. An unfortunate accident occured here this morning, resulting in the firing of the engine house of the Belvidere water works.  The building was totally destroyed and the engine and boiler damaged to such an extend that they are practically useless.  Belvidere is a thriving town, and besides the loss which it suffers through the fire the whole section is left without a water supply.

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Buckhorn Springs Water Company, Town of Belvidere (Belvidere town water supply;) capital, $40,000.  Incorporators - Joseph M. Rosenburg, John H. Dahlke, Sharon Mellick, Silas Gibbs, Elmer I. Smith.

1908 Trenton Evening Times, May 7, 1908, Page 1.
Water Fight is still on.  The suit of Daniel C. Heffner and the Belvidere Water Company of Belvidere, N.J., against the Buckthorn Spring Water Company was argued before Justice Reed at the State House today.  The litigation involves a fight between the two water companies to supply Belvidere.  Authority given by the Common Council of Belvidere is being attacked.  Charges that the Delaware River is polluted are also involved.

1911 History of Warren County, New Jersey, by George Wyckoff Cummins
Page 119:  Belvidere is supplied with two excellent water systems; the oldest being the Belvidere Water Company, which was incorporated in 1877, and furnishes water either from the Delaware or from artesian wells. The second, established in 1908, is the Buckhorn Springs Water Company, which furnishes water from the Buckhorn, which has its rise in springs on Scott's Mountain, two miles south of Belvidere.

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