Documentary History of American Water-works

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Ticonderoga, New York

Ticonderoga was incorporated as a village in 1889.

The Ticonderoga Water Works Company was incorporated in 1873 and built a gravity system that began operating in 1875. 

The village bought the water company in 1892 for $20,000 and built a new gravity system.

Water is provided by the Town of Ticonderoga.

1873 An act to incorporate the Ticonderoga Water-works Company.  May 8, 1873.

1875 "The Ticonderoga Fire," The Troy Weekly Times, April 8, 1875, Page 3.
The village nearly destroyed.

1885 History of Essex County : with illustrations and biographical sketches of some of its prominent men and pioneers, by Henry Perry Smith
Pages 429-430:  The Ticonderoga Water Works Association. -The frequent and severe losses of the village by fires made the subject of an adequate water supply one of prime importance, and finally led to the incorporation of a company. It was accomplished in 1873, by the following named gentlemen: George C. Weed, B. W. Burleigh, C. H. Delano, a.m. Pond, H. C. Burleigh, William E. Calkins, D. M. Arnold, William S. Fleming, E. A. Prescott, A. O. Ameden, C. P. Ives, William Hooper, and George E. Marshall. The water works were constructed, taking the water from the outlet just above the falls, and bringing it to the village in direct pipes. Water was turned on just after the great fire. The company became somewhat embarrassed and the stock was pledged to the Orwell bank and finally passed to the possession of Charles E. Bush. There are now seven fire hydrants in the village and a few private hydrants. The water is liberally patronized and the people have on several occasions been saved from severe loss by fire since the works were put in operation. The stock is now $20,000.
The officers of the water company are: J. B. Ramsay, president; C. E. Bennett, superintendent and secretary; C. E. Bush, treasurer. These, with O. Rowell, E. T. Downs, Samuel Wear, and T. J. Treadway, are directors.
William E. Calkins was the heaviest stockholder on the start and president of the company up to 1884.
Defiance Hose Company was organized since the water company began operations. The present foreman is D. J. Gilligan; John Riley, captain; H. D. Spicer, secretary. The company is well equipped, its property having been purchased with funds raised by subscription and by the giving of various entertainments which have been generously patronized by the citizens.

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1891 "Our Water Supply," Ticonderoga Sentinel, November 5, 1891, Page 8.

1891 "Our Water Supply," Ticonderoga Sentinel, November 26, 1891, Page 6.
Electors authorized expenditure of $500 to make a survey and estimate of new water works

1891 "Ticonderoga," from Manual of American Water Works, Volume 3.

1892 An act to empower the resident taxpayers and voters of the village of Ticonderoga, Essex county, to raise by vote and the water commissioners of said village, after and upon such vote, to borrow upon the credit of said village, and issue village bonds for a sum of money not exceeding fifteen per centum of the assessed value of the property in said village, as appears upon the assessment-roll of said village for the year eighteen hundred and ninety-one, for the purpose of purchasing the necessary lands, water, property, rights and franchises therefor, and for the building and furnishing a system of water-works to supply said village with pure and wholesome water.  April 20, 1892.

1892 "Our Water Supply," Ticonderoga Sentinel, April 28, 1892, Page 8.
Special election to vote on purchase of water works company for $20,000.

1892 "Our Water Supply," Ticonderoga Sentinel, August 25, 1892, Page 8.
The Ticonderoga Water Works plant has been turned over to the village.  The price paid was $20,000.

1892 "Ticonderoga Water Works," Ticonderoga Sentinel, October 27, 1892, Page 4.

1893 Rules and Regulations and Schedules of Water Rates for the. Water Supply of the Ticonderoga Water Works

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